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Many companies including your business believe that Facebook marketing is one of the best strategies to promote business and increase sale or even make sales on Facebook. However, investing on Facebook marketing, you may need big budget, time and/or human resource (high qualified and experienced staffs).

So what if we can do the following for you and provide you benefits such as:

What we can do:

  1. Create Facebook page or update it to comply with Facebook Policy
  2. Design cover & structure of your Facebook Page
  3. Design your products/services for regular post
  4. Create contents such as articles, pictures or videos for regular post to ensure high reach and good engagment
  5. Monitoring & control feedback or comment (With Messenger Chatbot)
  6. Advertising management (budget for your boost post and traffic to Messenger Chatbot)
  7. Analysis & Reporting for adopting marketing, sale & branding.
  8. Automate System – or called Messenger Chatbot

*** We will setup Messenger Chatbot AND Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) for free.


*** Following are the Messenger Chatbot’s benefits:

  • Better communication and Improve Customer Services
  • Instant Replies (with preset text or keywords)
  • People won’t need to download an Mobile App to interact with you (Facebook Messenger Chatbot is an Mobile Aapp).
  • Collect Data (like taking survey)
  • Play for fun game to engage users and gain more traffic with share and invitation button
  • Simple form of registration so that suers easily to register or fill in the forms.
  • Explore products & services instantly
  • Broadcast to subscribers or users (ability to send bulk message, follow up visitors to convert to customers…)

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Promoting & display your products/services to over 5 millions Facebook uers in Cambodia.
  2. Branding your shop or company very fast and economic way
  3. Real time interaction with your clients and get feedback
  4. Save time, money and you can focus on other things (We work on behalf of you, so you don’t need to have skills, resources, ideas, designers, times to do and many things more…)
  5. Generating new leads and customers quickly (we guarantee)

We have more ideas to help you more than we can above-described. Feel free to Contact our SME Founder for free consultation at 016 888 665 / Email: smecorp@billbox.me
We are looking forward to working with you. Thanks!



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