Facebook Messenger Platform (API)

ទំហំអក្សរ៖ S M L


1. What is it?

We would like to introduce you a Facebook Messenger Chatbot (Instant Replies via robot) – so-called Messenger Platform. In mid 2015, Facebook has released F8 developer to have the ability to Send/Receive message via API.

This API provides customizable tools for us to build our own bot so we can start sending relevant updates to people who want to hear from our products and service and follow up potential customers inbox directly.

As you may be aware, now Cambodia has over 5 million Facebook users and 90% of them use Facebook Messenger so this is a great opportunities for us to engage with those people in their Massager. Following we would like to highlight main key benefit of this Messenger Platform:

*** Following are the Messenger Chatbot’s benefits:

  • Better communication and Improve Customer Services
  • Instant Replies (with preset text or keywords)
  • People won’t need to download an Mobile App to interact with you (Facebook Messenger Chatbot is an Mobile Aapp).
  • Collect Data (like taking survey)
  • Play for fun game to engage users and gain more traffic with share and invitation button
  • Simple form of registration so that suers easily to register or fill in the forms.
  • Explore products & services instantly
  • Broadcast to subscribers or users (ability to send bulk message, follow up visitors to convert to customers…)

2. What can we do?

– Increase Traffic to Messenger
– Collect and store user contact to store in Customer Relations

Management System (CRM)

– Set up and Install API of Facebook Messenger Platform

– Integrated Contents, Registration Form and/or other games, quiz…

– Users can invite their friend to messenger also.




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